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References for Experiment with Enzymes (includes studies of yeast)

The starting point! Roy B. Clariana (September 1991) pH & rate of enzymatic reactions. American Biology Teacher pp. 349-350 (not available online).
updated June 22, 2002

GRAPH PAPER web site! Thanks to Holly Camp at Athens State University. Math of Enzyme Action

General information on enzymes

Catalase in particular

Modeling enzyme action

Catalases in:

Medical features of catalase: acatalasemia

Teacher-developed labs:

Enzyme Kinetics: Kinetics describes reaction progress over time in the short term (seconds to hours)

About yeast

Yeast Proteins Get On the Map

For the teacher (and students who are interested in teaching)

For Fun AND Learning!

Dr. Art's BioSong Enzymes (to the tune of Blue Moon)


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