Finding Aids*

Administration Archives
  • Administration Records (PDF)
  • Merriam, John Campbell (PDF)
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Archives
  • Ault, James Percy, Papers (PDF)
  • Bauer, Louis Agricola, Papers (PDF)
  • Biophysics Program Records (PDF)
  • Cooperative Expedition Records (PDF)
  • Department of Terrestrial Magnetism General Files (PDF)
  • Gish, Oliver H., Papers (PDF)
  • Instrument and Equipment Records (PDF)
  • Instrument Photograph Collection (PDF)
  • Ionosphere Section Records (PDF)
  • International Polar Year (Second) (PDF)
  • Land Magnetic Survey (PDF)
  • Mansfield, Robert Hubbard, Papers (PDF)
  • Maud Expedition Records (PDF)
  • Nuclear Physics Program Records (PDF)
  • Ocean Magnetic Survey Records (PDF)
  • Radio Astronomy Program Records (PDF)
  • Rubin, Vera C., Photograph Collection (PDF)
  • Section T "Proximity Fuze" Records (PDF)
  • Seismology Program Records (PDF)
  • Tatel, Howard Edwin, Papers (PDF)
  • Vestine, Ernest Harry, Papers (PDF)
  • World War II-Era Records (PDF)
Geophysical Laboratory Archives
  • Bowen, Norman Levi, Papers (PDF)
  • Boyd, Francis R., Papers (PDF)
  • Day, Arthur Louis, Papers (PDF)
  • Geophysical Laboratory Financial Records (PDF)
  • Geophysical Laboratory General Files (PDF)
  • Geophysical Laboratory Photograph Collection (PDF)
  • Geophysical Laboratory Research Notes and Files (PDF)
  • Machine Gun Barrel Research Records (PDF)
  • Wright, Frederick Eugene, Papers (PDF)