The Carnegie Legacy Committee is responsible for administration of the archives at Carnegie headquarters, establishing institutional archival policicies, and facilitating archival preservation/outreach activities at the Departments. The Committee consists of:

John Strom (Chair), Carnegie Institution Web Manager/Legacy Project Director
Shaun J. Hardy, DTM-Geophysical Laboratory Librarian
Tina McDowell, Editor and Publications Officer
Sharon Bassin, Assistant to the President

A professional Archives Coordinator, Rachel Ban, advises and assists the Committee in its work. The Coordinator provides personnel supervision and assessment/evaluation for the NHPRC-funded "Carnegie Legacy Project."

A Scientific Advisory Committee composed of senior research staff members assists with the appraisal of scientific records at Carnegie's Broad Branch Road campus:

Dr. Louis Brown, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Dr. Robert M. Hazen, Geophysical Laboratory
Dr. David E. James, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Dr. Bjorn O. Mysen, Geophysical Laboratory