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October 29, 1881 Ault born Olathe, Kansas

1901-1904 Observatory Assistant US Coast and Geodetic Survey, Baldwin, Kansas

1902 Carnegie Institution of Washington founded

1904 Department of Terrestrial Magnetism founded

1904 A.B. Baker University

1904 Joins Department of Terrestrial Magnetism as magnetic observer

1905-1906 Serves on scientific staff of research vessel Galilee

1907 Marries Mamie Totten

1908 Magnetic survey expedition Canada

1909 A.M. Columbia University

1909 Launch of non-magnetic scientific yacht, Carnegie

1909-1910 Serves on Carnegie Cruise I as magnetic observer

1912 Magnetic survey work in Peru, Bolivia and Chile

1912 Daughter Evelyn born

1914 Captain Cruise III of the Carnegie

1915-1917 Captain Cruise IV of the Carnegie, including circumnavigation of

1917 U.S. Enters WWI

1918 Worked on Aerial Navigation for Army

1919-1921 Captain Cruise VI of the Carnegie

1919 Daughter Ruth born

1920 Daughter Ruth dies suddenly of colitis

1923 Daughter Marjorie born

1927 Appointed Lieutenant-Commander in U.S. Volunteer Naval Reserve

1927-1929 Captain Cruise VII of the Carnegie

November 29, 1929 Carnegie Explodes

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