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On October 13, 2004, the Legacy Project sponsored a booth at the 7th annual MARAC DC Chapter Archives Fair at the City Museum of Washington, DC. This provided a wonderful opportunity to meet, discuss, and share experiences with archivists from the metropolitan area including representatives of NARA and the Library of Congress. Shaun Hardy, Charles Hargrove, John Strom, and Jennifer Snyder took turns staffing the Carnegie booth. Shaun Hardy is pictured.
The Carnegie Legacy Project "extended family," including not only the formal staff but colleagues who have spent time, often on a voluntary basis, to assist the project in a variety of ways. From left to right are Rachel Ban, Jennifer Snyder, Merri Wolf, Kara Friend, John Strom, Ann Mulfort, Charles Hargrove, Shaun Hardy, and Oksana Skass.
Ann Mulfort, in a previous incarnation, who as an intern worked on collections at the Broad Branch Road campus. Ann returned to the Legacy Project on January 1, 2005, to replace Charles Hargrove.

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