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Get your 2004 District of Columbia Citywide Science Mathematics and Technology Science Fair materials

Applications, Forms, ISEF Rules and Guidelines, judges rules (so you know what the judges are looking for), etc. Thanks to Walter Reed Army Institute for Research for hosting this site and assisting with the Science Fair process!

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Mathematics and Science Institutes (MSI) for Middle School Science Teachers (Summer 2003)

NEW! Engaging Schools: Fostering High School Students Motivation to Learn from the National Research Council

Apply for summer programs! Department of Energy. application deadline January 15, 2004

Congratulations to...

Joanne Nelson, Ballou SHS Mathematics teacher, co-authored a lesson for Mathematics Teacher

Jonathan Jou, Jefferson JHS, has been awarded a 2003 Milken Teacher Award and here

DCPS Essential Skills in Math and Science for Grades preK through Grade 12 (Word document)

DC ACTS Teachers request ...



Special WebCast Monday November 17

Mercury in Schools Project

CAREERS of African-American Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers and Physicians

Links to Dimensional Analysis
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Mathematics warm-ups --- Your DC ACTS colleagues suggest ...Check THIS out! Into the mind of one 13-year-old.

A great science discovery story --- discovering PKU, Phenylketonuria

Layered Curriculum:
Unit Sheets and other ideas for teaching diverse learners including grading rubrics. Layered Curriculum was developed by a science teacher who taught classes of 98% African American students. Student-centered learning positives

Football and Microbiology ??? Meet a black student who is into sports AND science
Neil Tyson, astrophysicist --- From AAAS' Science NetLinks --- DOGS: Evolution, ecology, geography, human-dog relationships, variety (genetics)


Mathematics (Interactive Statistics) contact Dr. Florence Fasanelli

Science (Integrating Measurement Throughout Your Curriculum) contact Dr. Toby Horn "Micropipetting Power", "Spectrophotometry Applications in Biology, Life Science, Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics" (links available soon), AP Biology Resources

NOTE: Sessions can be held at your (DC ACTS) school, during the school week.
Graduate credit may be available

  Scientific Notation all kinds of links from numbers in daily life to drill and practice to VERY large and very small numbers. Science Fair

Meet the Visible Embryo
National Museum of Health and Medicine, Walter Reed Army Medical Center. An activity of the DC Chapter of the National Association of Biology Teachers

Dr. Ruiz joined DCPS in August 2002 as Chief Academic Officer. Dr. Ruiz's presentation to DCPS Principals, October 22, 2002

NOW on the DCPS web site: Interpreting SAT9 data

Check out these online resources for scientists and teachers working together to improve science teacher education:

National Association of Health Science Education Partnerships

Research for Better Schools

Blue Ribbon Panel report on DC Public Schools (scroll to May 29 (2002))

DCPS Committee on Teaching and Learning --- Monthly Reports

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STANDARDS and Materials and Curricula (being updated by DCPS)

Middle School
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science


Standards-based Lessons/Labwork

matched to the National Science Education Standards, 1996

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Botany
  • Zoology
Mr. Biology's (Charles Zaremba) labs are featured in the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards

YOW! How many different species live on or in the average human body and what is the total population of these guests?

External Curricular Resources requested by DC ACTS teachers

Additional Links

Society for Developmental Biology Workshop at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Access developmental biology Internet resources here
Discovery Center at Catholic University
Seminar on cognition and teaching strategies by Meir Ben-Hur, hosted by AAAS and DC ACTS.

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Science and Mathematics Workshop

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