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Toby Horn is co-Director of the Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE) at the Carnegie Institution for Science (CIW).

Teacher's Knowledge

Let's explore the iceberg together!

Bloom's Taxonomy illustrates the deeper levels of knowledge we need and need to impart to our students (critical thinking)

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Dr. Toby's POV/IMHO
on teaching...

Our subject knowledge should be like an iceberg. What we teach may look like the surface, but our power to help novices to learn comes from those depths of our own understanding that we can draw upon to optimize our "teachable moments" to pique interest, help students to connect, or "see" things in a different way.

Our interaction with students should be like a gardener germinating seeds. Sometimes we have to cajole the students to help them along, but we support and nurture them to their unique flowerings.

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Approach to Students

Science of Avocado Seed
from Science Netlinks, an AAAS project.

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Toby's web pages

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Dr. Toby is a scientist who became a high school teacher. Links for scientists considering pre-college teaching.

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