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While remembered mainly for his ocean magnetic work, J. P. Ault also led a number of overland magnetic surveys for DTM.   One of the most grueling was a 3-month expedition to northern Canada during June-September, 1908, with the goal of obtaining magnetic measurements in parts of the country not previously studied.   After outfitting at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Ault and his assistant C. C. Stewart headed north, through Cumberland House and Reindeer Lake, ultimately reaching the 60th parallel in the Northwest Territories.   They travelled some 1,600 miles by canoe, with 71 portages ranging from 100 yards to 2 miles - "a feat entailing no little endurance, perseverance, and hardship," in the words of DTM's director L. A. Bauer.
Two young moose
Ault and party
Two young moose being
raised at Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, 1908.

Ault and party leaving
Cumberland House on
magnetic survey, 1908.
Ault is in the center
with the rakish hat.

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