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Ocean Magnetic Survey Expeditions

The Carnegie Institution began its magnetic survey of the oceans in 1905 with a chartered wooden sailing ship, the Galilee.   After receiving preliminary training on a U.S. Coast Survey vessel, J. P. Ault was appointed magnetic observer on the Galilee for its first two Pacific cruises.   Sailing to Hawaii, Fanning Island, Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Guam, and finally Japan, Ault gained experience in scientific work at sea that would later prove invaluable in his command of the research vessel Carnegie.
Galelee wrecked by monsoon Ault in cabin of wrecked Galilee Galilee wreck survivors Galilee observing bridge
Galilee wrecked by monsoon, Yokohama, Japan, 1906. Ault in cabin of wrecked Galilee, 1906. Survivors of Galilee wreck, Yokohama, 1906. Galilee observing bridge.

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